SAP Basis snippets #5

Installing license via telnet


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Today we will see the steps to install license using telnet.

Login to telnet

telnet localhost 5<instance no.>08

It asks for your username and password. Give your java administrator username and password.

Now type the below command to add the licensing menu.

add licensing

To know the hardware id of your sap system, give the below command.


The below command displays the SID.


Download the license .txt file and place it in your host.

To install a license, we use the command.

install_license -file <path where the license file is placed>

The below command lists out the installed licenses.


For deleting we use the command delete_license. But we have to pass an additional parameter along with this.

To delete all the licenses, we use the command.

delete_license -all

To delete a license of particular index as returned by LIST_LICENSES command, we use the command.

delete_license <index number>