Why Julia won't beat Python for at least 10 years

Recently I have come across many blogs which showcased the upsides of Julia and therefore claimed Julia may become the preferred language for data scientists in the coming future. They have highlighted the strengths of Julia language. So here are some strong facts based on which we can say that python will be the ideal language for data scientists for at least the next 5-10 years.

julia vs python.png

• The availability of the vast amount of libraries We can find almost any libraries inside python which makes it very unique from other languages. Be it libraries for web development, machine learning and deep learning or even for game development, we can find that python has ready library out there for our use, which makes coding easy.

• The rich developer community Python is blessed with a vibrant community and hence if you opt python for any project, it is smooth sailing. For any errors that we encounter, there are some of the other sites out there to help us out.

• Easy to use and fast to develop Python programming language mimics English and therefore as humans, we find it easy to code upon. Thus helps us to build, debug and develop any project in less time.

• Doing more with less code This is another plus point Python language offers. The same code which may be written in around 10 lines can be shortened to 1-2 lines in Python because of the large number of inbuilt libraries.

• Dynamically typed and portable Python is a dynamically typed language, that is we do not have to explicitly declare the data type of the variable we are passing. It is taken care of automatically during the execution. The code we write in Python is written once and run anywhere type. It means the code we write is system independent.

Julia language has some of the above-mentioned traits and is has faster execution rates than Python. But it has many drawbacks which are yet to overcome. Julia is yet to build a strong community like Python and it may come up with exciting features in the coming years. Working on the various weakness will surely make Julia a competitor to Python but it will surely require at the least 5-10 years.

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